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In 2017, the Oliver Empowerment Awards
will celebrate a remarkable 16 years of
showcasing sustainable transformation
and honouring the organisations and
individuals behind it.

The pre-eminent showcase
of empowerment

Impumemelo compiles South Africa’s most
transformed companies, celebrates empowerment
milestones and interviews national figures on the
future’s socio-economic goalposts.

The essential reference for
national decision makers

Do we live in uncertain times, or do we thrive? 
The National Business Awards highlights
the companies and public sector entities
invigorating their sectors and
brighter prospects
for all South Africans.

Showcasing SA’s most
pioneering enterprises

South Africa’s leading companies - in terms of
best practice, performance, people and policies -
are profiled annually in the business directory that
key decision-makers consider essential.

The established directory
of business performance