ALCM Solutions Centre

Contact Details & Description

Physical Address:
6 Centuria Park, 265 Von Willich Avenue, Centurion, Pretoria
Gauteng Province
Postal Address:
PO Box 71087
010 594 2817

ALCM Solutions is an information technology consultancy focused on providing integrated technology solutions for the management of assets throughout their life cycle. We develop solutions that allow for effective management of businesses based on informatics that give accurate real views of actual operating environments.

We believe that holistic understanding of organisational goals and the strategy to achieve those goals is key to developing and implementing a systematic approach that ensures collection of the correct data in order to generate information that will expand knowledge of the business and genuinely empower business leaders to make wise decisions with a direct impact on performance and the bottom line.

Whilst the bedrock of our solutions is built on infrastructure and asset management, our offering recognizes that business is not just infrastructure or assets, finance or HR, or even just your customers. We understand that it is a blend of all these and that the business intelligence we provide must be capable of illuminating and integrating all of the interactions within your actual business ecosystem.

Our aim is simple. We want to bring value for money by improving productivity, decreasing costs and generating revenue. We do this first by understanding how organisational performance is determined, what processes are implemented to drive performance and what is measured throughout the organisation that is believed gives rise to goal achievement. We then provide Enterprise Infrastructure Management solutions that are fit for purpose, can integrate with existing systems, can measures what you want and what you need, are able to mirror your best in class work flows, provide global best practise process improvements and build-in industry and statutory requirements to reduce risk and improve governance and compliance.

The executive team has over 30 years’ experience in providing solutions both to government and corporate entities with a broad range of experience focused on optimising processes and creating efficiencies. Our expertise lies is in creating depth of understanding through technology deployment and turning that into design and management of optimisation solutions.