About us

Untitled-4Top Women enables, develops, and implements innovative initiatives to promote gender empowered organisations in South Africa. These companies demonstrate good governance and have created policies to entrench gender equality into their company strategy.

Extensive research is conducted by both Top Media and Communication and the University of Cape Town’s research units to establish the best South African companies and organisations across the public and private sector, based on both their credibility as an operating entity and their commitment to gender empowerment in South Africa. Only qualified companies are eligible for inclusion in this prestigious publication.

Top Women is an annual publication, which has progressively become South Africa’s most renowned and respected Gender Empowerment publication.

In every Top Women publication you will find:

  • In-depth business information on gender-empowered companies
  • Independent and thought-provoking editorial
  • Over 100 business sectors
  • A full listing of top empowered companies