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Welcome to Top Women

South Africa’s authority on gender empowerment. The Top Women publication identifies, researches and celebrates excellence in gender empowerment.

The annual publication is the result of a process where our research department selects over 1500 gender-empowered companies to list and profile. The companies that meet our entry criteria include local and national government departments, educational institutions and State-owned enterprises.

Top Women, as brand and a publication, creates a media platform to showcase companies that demonstrate good governance. Our focus is companies that have created policies to entrench gender equality into their company strategy.

Gender empowerment is at the cutting edge of the business agenda globally and companies want to do business with other organisations who can showcase and demonstrate this is a priority in their organisation.

Our focus is to allow investors to find and reach these companies. Research shows that female-run and owned organisations have greater performance levels. Top Women is here to find them, and allow investors.



“Womenomics”, made in Japan

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s has made it his government’s main political aim to pull Japan out of their economic miseries by using a reform programme of inflation and opening the economy to greater flexibility and expanding entrepreneurship, writes Krysia Gaweda.

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5 ways on how to get in with the guys at work

Nowadays, many workingwomen are faced with the difficulty of being outnumbered in the business world.

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Top Women celebrates gender equality

This year marks 20 years of freedom and democracy in South African and women have come a long way in championing their rights as equal citizens in society and the workplace.

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One female board member can boost positive impact

According to research conducted by Simon Fraser University Marketing Professor Judy Zaichkowsky, businesses that have just one woman on the board will see a positive impact on performance.

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Intel’s She Will Connect moves women online

US multinational corporation Intell has initiated a new programme called She Will Connect in order to allow more women access to the internet.

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Top Women 9th Edition